Body Image

Mommies & Makeovers

Last week, a friend told me she was disheartened by a radio ad for a "Mommy Makeover". I assumed she was referencing a spa-day for tired and sleep-deprived moms. You know, the typical feel-good fare: mani/pedi, facial, hair cut, etc. I was completely off the mark. If you're curious to know what it really is, take a moment and do a Google search for "Mommy Makeover" (heed caution, results will contain partial nudity). Why the partial nudity?

Navigating Changes in Body Image

I've been reflecting on how much my body image has improved in the last few years (amazing as I'm "over 35".) We were doing an exercise on body image in a group last week and I was surprised with my positive thoughts and feelings about my body. I like the way my jeans fit now and how my arms aren't so skinny. I shun fashion magazines and the "heroin-chic look” of some models. Fifteen years ago, I thought I was huge at this weight. Now, it feels right. Had I finally learned to love and accept my body?

Sizing up my Closet

My writing generally invites people to take a look inside my mind but today, I invite you to look inside my old closet. It was full of clothing that was every size under the sun.

About those Extra "Vacation Pounds"

A short and sweet blog post for you today about the post vacation bulge we all tend to battle.  I recently went on a  glorious trip to Paris, the French Alps, Switzerland, and London!  It was a whirlwind twelve days that definitely took me out of my daily routine.  When you're not at the office, always eating on the go, and not exercising regularly, it's only natural to put on a few pounds.  If you google "Vacation Weight Gain" you will see that many are desperately seeking advice on how to lose weight following their trips.

Sex sells

A few weeks back when the weather really started to warm up I went for a run outside on the city streets of Toronto. As I passed by the Eaton Centre (this is a giant mall in the downtown core, for any of you not familiar with our lovely city) I stopped in a shady spot to have a drink of water. As I tilted my head up to drink from my bottle, I saw that what I was shaded by was a giant billboard displaying the advertisement shown below.