Every Body is a Model Body!

Would you pose in your underwear to illustrate what a perfectly imperfect natural female silhouette looks like? We did, and we’re inviting you to join the effort to help change the fashion industry’s take on how to design clothes to perfection!

The Every Body is a Model Body campaign is a volunteer, grass-roots initiative producing new fashion design templates for amateur and even professional illustrators and clothing designers. The model templates to trace are available free on our website, tracingrealbodymodels.org, and offer an ever widening range of female silhouettes to draw from, all inspired by photographs of real people and created by tracing their actual proportions.

In this case, grass-roots means really regular people. We’re not coming into this as top designers or doctors of psychology or experts on recovery. We are mothers with daughters and sisters and friends and female cousins and aunts and grandmothers. Most of us acknowledge that we are or have been unhappy with our bodies, and some have experienced disordered eating in different degrees. About a year ago, a small group starting working together to make some non-stereotyped model templates available to trace for adolescents interested in drawing fashion.

The challenge was to offer more realistic alternatives to the unrealistic ideals seen everywhere in the fashion design world that create a false image of the female body. We wanted models inspired from real life, representing real people with all the originality and diversity that bodies come in. So we started by taking pictures of ourselves and our daughters, then sisters and friends and female cousins and aunts and grandmothers to transform into the first templates! Once online, people we didn’t even know sent in pictures to join the cause, and others started drawing clothing designs for our model templates.

About a year after launching this site, we came across Endangered Bodies, a global initiative whose mission of fighting for better body image is developing across six different countries in the form of diverse body-positive campaigns. Their determination inspired us to propose a Canadian campaign based on our experimentation, called Every Body is a Model Body.

We will be inviting fashion design schools and clothing designers as well as anyone who wants to try their hand at drawing clothing to use these silhouette-templates that we publish to create fashion that celebrates the richness of body diversity!

We're appealing to all women to help us change the stereotyped norms the female body has been boxed into by organizing or participating in an Underwear Photo Shoot, or send us a few photos of the silhouette of your own body. Photographed are never shared or published, just used to draw new silhouette-templates to design from. So we can all feel and look unapologetically beautiful in our clothes at every age and in every size!

Find out more about the Every Body is a Model Body campaign: www.tracingrealbodymodels.org.
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Colette Coughlin is the Communications Coordinator for the Every Body is a Model Body Campaign. Through her blogs and workshops, Colette coaches others to experience the shift in perspective that comes from contemplating their body from a new angle: with loving eyes instead of judgmental ones.