NEDIC's Blog Launch

It is the best of times and the worst of times in the world of eating disorders.  More stories and information about eating disorders are in the media – straight news reports, personal experiences, fictionalized stories.  “Anorexia” is a commonly used word. Eating disorder professionals’ understanding of the core features of eating disorders and ways to help are developing by leaps and bounds. More (though not enough) specialized treatment facilities exist.

Unfortunately, along with this remains entrenched stigmatization and more rigid perceptions of those suffering as self-inflicting and vain, or just plain stubbornly crazy.  Just eat.  Or – just stop eating.  Don’t do this to me.

In response to these misconceptions NEDIC continues to develop and share a wide range of awareness-raising tools.  These include easy-reading pamphlets, manuals and articles on specific topics from how to better understand the emotional and physical challenges of an eating disorder, to exploring pregnancy, body-checking, intimacy, innovative treatments and other topics relevant to parents, siblings, intimate partners and health and education professionals.  In this regard, look for our new campaign to raise awareness of eating disorders in males (poster at; our highly regarded, highly interactive body-image and self-esteem curriculum for Grades 4 – 8 ( ; a coming revamp of The Real Me Experience (, and, of course, our regular Bulletin articles, currently looking at the impact on intimate partners of someone with an eating disorder.

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We also invite you to share information and ideas with us – and welcome you as part of our community.

Merryl Bear
National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)