The Holidays

The holiday season has begun. I love this time of the year - everyone's excited as Christmas comes along, the winter means that it'll soon be snowy out, and there's a well-deserved break from school and work.

I starve, therefore I am not: Disembodiment in Anorexic Representations

It is often too easy to take well-intentioned popular media and public health initiatives and the images they transmit for granted. In the case of anorexia nervosa (A.N.), it is without question that accessibility to information and treatment is essential for those at risk and for those currently suffering from the disease, and that both popular media and public health campaigns are crucial in increasing awareness.


'It is not our bodies that need changing. It is our attitudes'. This is the quote found on the bottom of the NEDIC site. I never really noticed how true this is.

Our culture is one that stresses change in response to society's ideals. If society says be rich, you better make sure you are rich. If it says be thin, you better hope that you are thin enough.

Mommies & Makeovers

Last week, a friend told me she was disheartened by a radio ad for a "Mommy Makeover". I assumed she was referencing a spa-day for tired and sleep-deprived moms. You know, the typical feel-good fare: mani/pedi, facial, hair cut, etc. I was completely off the mark. If you're curious to know what it really is, take a moment and do a Google search for "Mommy Makeover" (heed caution, results will contain partial nudity). Why the partial nudity?

Too Much of a Good Thing?

On a recent vacation back home, I was forced out of my normal routine of working, eating and exercising and thrown into a dizzying whirlwind tour of family, friends and quality couple time with my boyfriend. As a person driven by schedules and the almighty clock, I get a bit anxious when flying by the seat of pants with no real plan in place. This lack of daily direction may be blissful to some, but is absolutely nerve-wracking for me. Despite the generally loose outline of my vacation days, there is one thing I can always count on fitting into my schedule: my workout!


Life sometimes gets so hectic. We become trapped between all the things that we have to do, and it seems impossible that we will be able to finish everything. I hate feeling stressed. I've learned some interesting things about stress during my studies... mainly, that stress has many negative impacts on our bodies and functioning. Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that breaks down our muscles to make energy from the protein. Too much cortisol can also cause memory loss, as well as suppress the immune system – so it becomes easier to get sick.