Presentation Abstracts


Opening Keynote – April 16th, 2015

Preventing Eating Disorders through the Promotion of Mental Health: Findings from a 17-Year Program of Intervention Research

Presenter: Gail McVey, PhD



Afternoon Plenary Session – April 16th, 2015

Gender, Bullying and Body Size: Barriers and Solutions to Supporting Youth of All Shapes and Sizes

Presenter: Elizabeth Meyer, PhD



Community Event – April 16th, 2015

The Body Politic: Social Justice, Gender Equity and Eating Disorders

Presenter: Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD



Opening Keynote – April 17th, 2015

Rebooting Eating Disorders Education, Prevention and Recovery

Presenter: Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD



Closing Keynote – April 17th, 2015

Hope for the Future: Transforming the Destructive Assumptions of Thin Privilege and Weight Stigma

Presenter: Kathy Kater, LICSW



Day long Workshop 1 – April 16th, 2015

Adjusting Lenses: Critical Media Literacy in the Classroom

Presenters: Heather Thompson, M.Ed and Joli Schiedler-Benns, B.Ed



Day long Workshop 2 – April 17th, 2015

Find YOUR Voice for Body Respect

Presenter: Linda Bacon, PhD



Parallel Session 1

On the Bearable Lightness of Being: Boys, Men and the Aesthetics of Melancholia

Presenter: Michael Atkinson, PhD



Parallel Session 2

Nourished Body: Eat, Play and Be Mindful

Presenters: Kori Kostka, BSc, RD and Michelle Pitman



Parallel Session 3

“Fat Talk": Addressing Negative Body-related Conversations

Presenter: Sarah Royal, PhD



Parallel Session 4

LGBTQ People and Body Image

Presenters: Loralee Gillis and Kinnon MacKinnon




Parallel Session 5

Spotlight on the Body: Exploring Self-Conscious Emotions

Presenter: Eva Pila, MSc



Parallel Session 6

Our Bodies: Examining the Helping Professional’s Sense of Embodiment

Presenter: Robyn Legge, PhD, CPsych (Supervised Practice)



Parallel Session 7

“Ain’t I a Woman Too?” Body Image and Eating Problems among Racialized Women and Girls

Presenter: Jill Andrew



Parallel Session 8

Bodies Talk: The Intersection of Disordered Eating and Exercise, from Recreational Physical Activity to Elite Sport

Presenters: Sarah Gairdner, MSc and Catherine Amara, PhD



Parallel Session 9

Body Checking and Body Avoidance in Eating Disorders: Their Potential Impact and Treatment Strategies

Presenter: Danielle MacDonald, MA



Parallel Session 10

Practical Ideas for Body Activism in the Classroom

Presenter: Carrie Cox, B.Ed, MA



Parallel Session 11

Getting Healthy – Sexually Healthy That Is

Presenter: Lyba Spring



Parallel Session 12

Rethinking the Intersection between Eating Disorders and People with Disabilities - Implications for Treatment

Presenters: Kaley Roosen, MA and Dori Zener, MSW, RSW