Body Image And Self-esteem: Do you or someone you know struggle with low self-esteem?

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By Merryl Bear 
For Mediaplanet Canada
September 23, 2014

Do you or someone you know struggle with low self-esteem?

Are you preoccupied with food or exercise? Obsessed with being thinner, more toned or buff? These are only a few of the warning signs of an eating disorder.

  • Excessive concern about weight, body shape, exercise and calories
  • Guilt, shame, or secrecy about eating
  • Strict avoidance of certain foods, particularly those considered fattening
  • Fear of gaining weight
  • Eating binges — feeling out of control and unable to stop eating
  • Vomiting after eating/impulse to vomit to try and compensate for eating
  • Using laxatives, diet pills, or diuretics to try and control body weight


Help is available
These behaviours can be indicative of an unhealthy preoccupation with food and weight and could lead to developing an eating disorder. Don’t suffer in silence. Know that you are not alone. Learn more at