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CTV News Channel: Student forced to eat ice cream

Jackie Grandy of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre tells CTV News Channel that Yale University overstepped their bounds by forcing a student to put on weight.

The cost for young girls who prefer thin bodies

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear comments on new research that shows girls aged 3 - 5 have already internalized the negative stereotypes of fat people that abound in society.  Read the full article here.

Be alert to warning signs of an eating disorder

The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) provides sound advice on how to spot the warning signs of an eating disorder in this article for the Ottawa Community News.

U.S. woman to give ‘obese’ children letter instead of candy this Halloween

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear tells GlobalNews why this "fat shaming" letter is inappropriate in so many ways.  Read the full story here.

'Manorexia' On The Rise: Men With Eating Disorders Face Stigma In Getting Treatment

The Huffington Post quotes NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear, on the growing stigmatization of eating disorders as a "girl problem."  Read the full article here.

Male Eating Disorders Continue to Grow but Stigma Persists

In this tumblr post, NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear comments on new research from the Canadian Medical Association that finds men are often misdiagnosed becuase no one thinks to look for eating disorders in men.  Read the full story here.

Groups recognize Eating Disorder Awareness Week

In this Wellington Advertiser article, NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear explains why Eating Disorders Awareness Week can be the ideal time to address how food and weight preoccupation negatively impacts one's ability to live a rich and connected life.  Read the full article here. 

Shame in Silence: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear joins other eating disorder experts to answer questions and debunk common misconceptions about eating disorders and related challenges on CBC LIve Online with Lauren O'Neil.  Read the full article and replay the live chat here.

“Men get this, men die from this,” says eating disorders doctor

NEDIC Director, Merryl Bear talks about the myths surrounding eating disorders, in partiular that it's only a girls' illness, in this Radio Canada International health column.  Read the full article here.  

Critical Mass

In this Walrus Magazine article, NEDIC Director Merryl Bear weighs in on the so-called "obesity epidemic" and the stigmatization faced by plus-sized women.  Read the full story here.