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Are you looking for reliable research findings related to eating disorders? Do you want to keep improving your practice? or have the best available evidence based information to inform health care decisions? Check out Cochrane Systematic Reviews!Canadian Cochrane Centre logo

Why use Cochrane Systematic Reviews?

  • They summarize the clinical evidence available on the effectiveness of treatments (benefits and harms)
  • Systematic reviews are more reliable (less biased) than the results of a single study
  • "Authors' conclusions" sections provide quick information for practice
  • Review authors are independent and must declare conflict of interests
  • Reviews are updated on a regular basis
  • Cochrane Reviews are produced to the highest methodological standard

What is the Cochrane Collaboration?

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international, non-profit organization made up of thousands of volunteer researchers, health professionals and patients in over 100 countries. Cochrane produces and disseminates systematic reviews on the effectiveness of health care treatment interventions through The Cochrane Library.


What is The Cochrane Library?

The key product of The Cochrane Collaboration is The Cochrane Librarywith new reviews published online daily. It houses a database of Cochrane Reviews, as well as databases of randomized controlled trials, health technology assessments, and economic and methodological studies.  Many other resources can be found in The Cochrane Library such as Cochrane Special Collections which are thematic collections of reviews on similar topics, podcasts of reviews,  Journal Club and Cochrane Summaries.

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