Full Day Workshop 2

The Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention & Recovery Program (Women's Health Clinic, Winnipeg, MB) is a community based treatment program providing non-intensive treatment services to medically stable clients experiencing anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.


Morning Workshop

A Weight Neutral Approach to Health & Wellness

This workshop will focus on Health At Every Size®  (HAES).  HAES is a model of care that addresses physical and mental wellness for everyone, regardless of body size or current health status.  As HAES practitioners, we are committed to respect, acceptance and provision of appropriate care for people of all shapes and sizes with an emphasis on health-promoting behaviour changes to improve quality of life, with consideration for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. This skill-building workshop will help you to challenge your own assumptions about weight and health and learn the language and practical skills to provide weight neutral health promotion, education and care. 

Knowledge Level: This workshop is appropriate for everyone, including students, educators, health care providers and those who promote health education.
You are welcome to attend only the morning session if you wish.


Afternoon workshop

A Weight Neutral Approach to Health & Wellness: Community-Based Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

In Part 2 of this workshop, we will describe our work in a community-based, outpatient treatment program for Binge Eating Disorder. We do not use weight change as a measure of recovery and we do not promote weight loss.  Rather, recovery from BED is indicated through improved quality of life, increase in self-compassion, ability to manage emotions, physical health indicators and a more peaceful relationship with one’s body and with food.  We will describe our experience providing treatment using HAES as a cornerstone of our program, as well as the positive changes we have seen in clients’ attitudes and food-related behaviours, coping skills and overall wellness. 

Knowledge Level: Part 2 of this workshop is most appropriate for those who provide care to anyone who experiences binge eating, compulsive eating or who feels out of control with eating. 
Attendees should already be familiar with HAES or have attended our morning workshop.


Presenter Biographies

Ann McConkey is a Registered Dietitian in the Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery Program at Women’s Health Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Ann has been a dietitian at WHC for over 30 years but exclusively treating eating disorders since 2009. Ann has adopted a weight neutral approach to health and wellness throughout her career with individuals and groups. She has delivered hundreds of professional presentations on Health At Every Size®, reaching thousands of health care practitioners.  Recent presentations have included provincial and national Dietitian educational events and a provincial medical conference.  Ann is passionate about reducing weight bias and stigma, promoting the joy of eating, and changing society so that people of all shapes and sizes feel valued and worthy.

Lisa Naylor is counsellor and group facilitator in the Provincial Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery Program at Women’s Health Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Lisa has worked as a counsellor and health educator for 25 years, focusing on eating disorder treatment since 2009.  As a health educator, Lisa trained volunteers who delivered hundreds of body image and self-esteem workshops in schools. Lisa is a compelling advocate who has made numerous contributions to policy and public awareness on eating disorder and body image issues.  Since 2005, Lisa has also worked with the Dove Self Esteem Project, facilitating workshops and contributing to resource development to help enhance self-esteem and body image in children and youth.  Lisa is passionate about promoting body-peace in the cultural war on diverse bodies and promoting compassion and body equity for all.