Following are NEDIC's policies regarding our Blog, Linking to Websites, Copyright Requests, Privacy Referrals, and our General terms of use.  Feel free to contact us if your question isn't answered on this page.  

Policy on NEDIC's Blog - Comments Standards and Names

The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) reserves the right to review, edit, refuse or delete any comment deemed unsuitable for the blog.

If you would like your comment to be published, it must stay within NEDIC’s comment standards:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Be respectful of other’s opinions. If you have opposing views, respectfully debate the issue.
  • Threats, allegations, personal attacks and hateful words will not be tolerated.
  • If you are quoting from another source, you must reference it.
  • How up to date is the information?
  • Be mindful of the number of comments/replies you post. Unnecessary and repetitive comments/replies will be deleted.
  • Your Name will appear with the comments you post. NEDIC advises against using personal information, such as your address or phone number, in your Name.

NEDIC reserves the right to reject any Name that is considered distasteful or deceptive.

Thank you for joining the discussion.

Blog Terms of Reference

  • The blog will be updated twice a month with topical submissions discussing eating disorders, body image and self-esteem.
  • NEDIC staff must approve the blog before it’s posted.
  • Materials should not be slanderous or malicious, sexist, racist, pro-diet, anti-fat, homophobic or inclusive of all forms of oppression, including classism and ageism, unless a call to action is made against such statements.
  • Blog posts should reflect NEDIC’s range of work and mandate, and its broad client base.
  • Articles should be between 200-500 words in length.
  • The blog’s layout should reflect the context of the entry. Paragraph format is preferable, and headers and bullet points are acceptable.
  • Title heading must be in larger font plus bold with maximals on each initial letter of a word, e.g. The Effects of Drugs on Eating Disorder Patients.
  • Subheadings should be in smaller font than the title, plus bold lower case, e.g. Which drugs work best for anorexia?
  • Sub-sub headings must be in smaller font than subheading, plus bold, plus lower case.
  • Font type should be black 12 pt. Veranda. Headers should be in 14 pt font of the same text, and sub-sub headings should be in bold 12 pt. font of the same text.
  • It’s encouraged that contributors make connections between individual experience and the larger social context rather than diagnosing the experience of an individual or applying a disease model.
  • Blog posts should be relevant to what’s happening in today’s developments and related issues of eating disorders, body image and self-esteem, and related issues.
  • Materials shared on the blog are intended to generate discussion and thought, but they may also trigger self-harm. Posts should be flagged with a disclaimer if content seems unsuitable for a certain audience.
  • Warning! The following material may be triggering for some individuals, so please read with caution.
  • Photos, videos and audio recordings may be included in posts but must be approved by NEDIC staff beforehand. A footer must be included at the bottom of the blog post citing the media used, which should be in black 10 pt. veranda italics font.
  • Photo: Muybridge, E. [Photograph of a horse running]. (1887). National Gallery, London. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database.
  • Video: Psychology Video Blog #3 [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqM90eQi5-M
  • Audio: Bell, T. & Phillips, T. (2008, May 6). A solar flare. Science @ NASA Podcast. Podcast retrieved from http://science.nasa.gov/podcast.htm
  • Links to other websites may be used on the blog but they must be approved beforehand.
  • Spelling should be English Canadian and grammar gender-neutral. If sentence structure is compromised with a gender-neutral approach, the default should be feminine.
  • References to race by colour must be written in lower case, ex. black women or white youth.
  • The writing style of the blog should echo the information being presented, including casual, professional, humorous or educational tones of voice.
  • If information from journal articles or books is used in the blog post, they must be properly referenced in APA format. A reference list must be included at the bottom of each entry.
  • e.g. Journal article: Author. Date. Title of article. Title of journal or book in italics, comma volume number only full colon page
  • DeGroot, J., S. Kennedy, G. Rodin and G. McVey. 1992. Correlates of sexual abuse in women with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 37: 516-518.
  • e.g. Book: Author. Date of publication. Title in italics. Place published full colon name of publisher
  • Van der Kolk, B. 1987. Psychological Trauma. Washington: American Psychiatric Press.
  • NEDIC is held accountable for all information posted on the blog.

Policy on Linking to Websites
From time to time, NEDIC links to other third-party websites that we feel provide relevant information, resources or services to our visitors. When considering a website as a resource we ask the following questions:

Is the content accurate and trustworthy?
Does the content benefit consumers or clients?
Is the author reliable and legitimate?
Is the site consistent with the values and mission of NEDIC?
How up to date is the information?
Do the format and design make the site easy to use?
NEDIC, however, is not responsible for the content of any sites we link to, nor do we explicitly endorse those sites. Our goal with providing third-party links is to provide visitors with access to additional information and resources. Please carefully consider the content of all websites you visit.

Terms & Conditions
Using this website means that you agree to the following conditions:

This website is maintained by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) of Toronto. The information on this site reflects the opinions of NEDIC and/or invited authors. It does not necessarily reflect the views of NEDIC funders, or any other organization with or without links on the site.

The information on this site is provided for educational purposes only. We do not want people to use this information for diagnosis or treatment. We cannot, and do not, diagnose or provide treatment.

NEDIC has tried to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website. We are not responsible for any mistakes or missing information. NEDIC, our sponsors, partners and their respective officers, directors or employees cannot be held responsible for any damage from incorrect or inaccurate information, or misapplication of the information given.

NEDIC does not endorse or recommend particular services. What works for one person may not work for someone else with different experiences and needs. You have the right and responsibility to interview and choose health care services that are appropriate for you. We are not responsible for listings that are not accurate or up to date.

NEDIC respects the privacy of all our site visitors. We will not collect personal information without asking permission beforehand and stating the intended use of the supplied information.

Sometimes, we need to ask personal or identifying information so that we can help you. In this case you can still decide whether or not to give us the personal information. If you agree to give us the information, NEDIC will only use it for the reason we asked for it. We will not share this information with other groups, organizations or companies.

We answer e-mails using return e-mail. We do not use e-mail addresses for any other correspondence or promotion unless you give us permission.

We collect statistics about our website. We do not collect information that identifies users. We only use the statistics for our own purposes. We use the statistics to find out what information and resources people use the most. This helps us to serve you better.

If you would like permission to print or download materials from our website for wider distribution, please fill in our Copyright Form.