Let's Talk About Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders in the South Asian Community

It is our hope to dismantle the White eating disorder trope that currently exists in Western society and provide guidance to those in the South Asian community who are currently experiencing an eating disorder or disordered eating. This resource contains facts; information about how to get help, different ways to cope, and how to talk with loved ones; and links to additional resources. All of the information provided considers nuances present in South Asian culture, including how to navigate mental health stigma, cultural foods, language barriers, holidays and more.

Download the full resource here.

Consultant-content writers:  Anita Khakh and Deepika Bajaj

Consultants:  Alicia Panchal, Hemal Shroff, and Samiha Rahman

Reviewer:  Sarthak Matravadia

Additional resources and support for South Asian community members

Information and support for affected individuals, family members, and loved ones

Coping skills and techniques

Support for South Asian community members

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Information and support for Muslim community members

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