The goals of this study are to examine the relationship between females’ daily experiences and their eating behaviours and body image. Before being invited to participate in the study, potential participants must complete a pre-screen questionnaire to determine eligibility:

Potentially eligible  participants will be contacted by a member of the research team via a phone call and will be invited to participate. This phone call is a required component of study participation so the researcher can verify eligibility. 

Participants who are invited to participate will be asked to complete two stages of online surveys. The initial questionnaires (stage 1) will take place on the first day and will take 30 minutes. Stage 2 will begin the next day and will require participants to complete short (10 minutes each) nightly surveys for 14 consecutive nights. 

In total, participants can receive up to a $50 gift card for their participation in the study. 

The lead researchers are Dr. Allison Kelly, Ph.D., C. Psych. ( ALLISON.KELLY@UWATERLOO.CA ) and Aleece Katan, B.Sc. ( AKATAN@UWATERLOO.CA ).