Loneliness, the anorexic voice, and eating disorder-related behaviours

An exploration of the nature of the relationship between loneliness, the severity of eating disorder related symptoms and the experience of the ‘anorexic voice

Have you experienced eating disorder-related behaviours or had the experience of an anorexic voice or know someone who has experienced either of these? 

Researchers at the The University of Cardiff are seeking people who have experienced either of these to complete an online questionnaire to help improve the academic understanding of these experiences alongside the experience of loneliness. Individuals age 18 and older of any race, gender, or nationality who have experienced eating disorder-related behaviours, thoughts and beliefs are eligible to participate. You do not need to have experienced an ‘anorexic voice’ in any form in order to take part in this study. You also do not need to have received a formal diagnosis of an eating disorder at any time to take part in this study.

The following link will directed you to a ‘Participant Information Sheet’ that provides more detail in relation to involvement in the study. The study questionnaire will be completed via this link on the online platform ‘Qualtrics’.


If you would like further information in relation to taking part in this research please contact Mary-Jane Wheeler at wheelerm5@cardiff.ac.uk