What is Feature Friday?

We want to give individuals the opportunity to share their eating disorder / disordered eating experiences with others to provide information, hope, support, and a sense of connection and community to our followers. We invite creators to send us a 1-3 minute video that follows our guidelines, which will then be posted on our Tiktok page, if chosen. Each Friday, we will post one video. We are passionate about sharing the stories of people who are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, varying physical and mental abilities, and ethnicity.  
The hope is that this allows for a variety of individuals to have their voices and unique experiences heard. 


Feature Friday Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the NEDIC TikTok Feature Friday! Please review the following guidelines prior to submission.

Your Submission: 

To submit your video for a chance to be included in our feature Friday, please do the following: 

  • Post the video to your account
  • Tag us, @thenedic
  • Use the hashtag, #nedicfeaturefriday

Content Guidelines:  

At NEDIC, we are committed to curating our platforms to share meaningful content with our followers. We invite creators with a variety of perspectives to share their experiences on our TikTok page, with the intention of providing information, hope, support, and a sense of connection and community to our followers.  

While content does not have to be positive or hopeful, in order to keep our TikTok page a safe and welcoming space, we ask that creators: 

  • Avoid content that mimics or reinforces unhelpful norms or ideals
  • Refrain from submitting content that marginalizes any body type or group of individuals
  • Screen for potentially triggering content. (Examples include body weights or measurements, as well as specific tools used in a dieting regime, including calorie amounts, over-exercising ‘rules’, statements about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, etc.)
  • Note that we will not feature submissions that were created for promotional or fundraising purposes

We understand that lived experiences with eating disorders vary greatly. When speaking about personal experiences, we recommend that creators speak from a first person perspective to avoid making generalizations. For more tips on sharing about lived experience, see the National Eating Disorder Association and Sheena's Place webpages.

We encourage creators to also consider the following:

  • Who is the intended audience? Are you looking to reach medical professionals, others with lived experience, parents, etc.?
  • What do you hope viewers will gain from your post? Are you providing suggestions for advocacy, hope for people who are experiencing symptoms, or information on a specific topic? Having a clear intention is a great way to prepare for sharing your experience.
  • Are you comfortable with the content you have shared? Sharing personal stories can be a meaningful way to raise awareness and express ourselves. However, sometimes what someone feels comfortable sharing at one time, may be something they wish they hadn’t at a later date. It is an important act of self-compassion to pause and ensure that you are respecting your own boundaries around what you want to share in your efforts to raise awareness through this platform.

Please note:

  • The NEDIC Feature Friday coordinators may suggest edits for submitted content, should the video not meet all guidelines or be deemed as possibly triggering to others.
  • A trigger warning may be posted on Feature Friday submissions at the discretion of NEDIC staff.
  • You should expect a reply within 5 business days of your submission. However, due to the volume of Feature Friday submissions, there may be a delay in response. We appreciate your patience!
  • While we greatly appreciate and view every Feature Friday submission, not every submission will be posted.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to NEDIC TikTok Feature Friday, and sharing your story in hopes of helping others!