The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) is a Canadian non-profit providing resources on eating disorders & weight preoccupation.

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Eating Disorders: Who is affected?

The stigma associated with eating disorders robs people of their dignity, increases isolation, reduces self-esteem and contributes to a decline in one’s quality of life. It may act as a barrier to people with eating disorders disclosing their problem to others and stop them from looking for and getting help.

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In an interview with CTV News Channel, Jackie Grandy of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre says Yale University overstepped their bounds by forcing a student to put on weight.


NEDIC’s 100th Blog

Spring is such a lovely time to celebrate anything. New shoots are emerging and old favourites break from winter dormancy. This entry celebrates NEDIC’s 100th  blog, and I am delighted to be writing it. 

Since inception, subscribership to the blog has risen 79%. The blog is read by thousands, with the greatest traffic of any NEDIC web page after our homepage. The range of voices on the blog is unlike any other that I’ve come across in the eating disorder community, and continues to draw new writers and new eyes to it. Definitely worth celebrating!