Beyond Images

More than half of children report being involved in body-based bullying. Be part of the solution!

Beyond Images/Au-delà de l’image is a turn-key curriculum developed by NEDIC and made possible by the generous support of the Dove Self-Esteem Project. Free online lesson plans for grades 4 through 8 fill a gap in media literacy curricula nationally, including activities that make a positive difference in combating body-based bullying and negative stereotypes.

The Curriculum

  • This free curriculum provides students with the opportunity to explore key issues in today's society around body image and self-esteem as well as media messaging, while developing critical thinking skills. Now available in French and revised to meet 2016 curriculum standards for Canadian provinces and territories, the Beyond Images/Au-delà de l’image curriculum is a powerful tool in creating authentic learning opportunities for students in the classroom.

    Materials Include:

    • Lesson Objectives
    • Lesson Plans and Contemporary mixed media examples
    • Student Worksheets
    • Evaluation Rubrics
    • Backgrounders and Tip Sheets

Join Us

  • Join us on this journey of self-discovery. Help build understanding and resilience towards negative messaging in students and in the schoolyard! Beyond Images/Au-delà de l’image meets students where they’re at and takes them further!

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