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These events may be of interest to individuals who have a personal or professional interest in eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, and related subjects. As we are a Canadian organization, most of these events, groups, conferences, and seminars are in Canada. 

If you are hosting an event and would like to share the details on this page, please complete this listing request form.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

In Canada, Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 1-7. 

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  • Silver Linings Foundation

    Registration fees may be reduced if they are a barrier to participating - contact to discuss.

    1.  Adult binge eating disorder support group (18+) which begins Monday September 12. The registration fee is $150 for the 8-week program.  

    2.  Adult support group (18+) which begins Tuesday August 30. The registration fee is $150 for the 8-week program. 
    3.  Adolescent support group (ages 14-17) which begins Wednesday September 15. Parent/caregiver consent is required. The registration fee is $80 for the 4-week program. 

    4.  Body image support group (18+) which begins Wednesday September 28. The registration fee is $120 for the 6-week program. 


    Creative self-compassion: art therapy (18+) which begins Thursday September 15. The registration fee is $125 for the 5-week program. 

    Silver Linings

    Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta (EDSNA)

    EDSNA offers professionally-facilitated support groups using Zoom. Registration fees may be reduced if they are a barrier to participating - contact to discuss. 

    1. Drop-in support group for caregivers is ongoing. The registration fee for each session is $10.
    2. Support group for adults (18+) living with an eating disorder/disordered eating which begins Wednesday August 31. The registration fee is $70 for the 7-week program.
    3. Support group for women over 40 living with an eating disorder/disordered eating which begins Wednesday September 14. The registration fee is $80 for the 7-week program.

  • Eating Disorders Nova Scotia


    Free and open to anyone in Canada ages 17+ living with or affected by disordered eating/eating disorders. 

    1.  Support chat:  chat sessions occur on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and are moderated by trained peer mentors. 

    2.  Support group:  meetings via Zoom on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. 

    3.   Family & friends support group:  meetings via Zoom from September to June on the last Tuesday of the month. 

    4.   NEW two-spirit, trans+, and non-binary peer support groups:  weekly meetings on Wednesdays, starting January 4th, 2023


    Thriving Through the Holidays

    Date:  Monday December 5th, 2022

    Time:  7:00 - 8:00 p.m.  AST

    Eating Disorders NS
  • Sanctuary in the City


    Eating Disorder Support Group For Black Folks

    This support groups are free to attend and open to Black folks 18+ of all gender identities, expressions, and sizes. Meetings vary in style from week to week, from presentations with slides to group discussion and sharing. Each meeting has a different theme,  such as perfectionism and eating disorders, shame and pleasure, or uprooting oppressive belief systems. 

    Meetings take place via Zoom every third Tuesday of the month. 

    Learn more and register

    FEDUP Collective


    Fighting Eating Disorders in Underrepresented Populations (FEDUP) fosters accessible healing spaces for transgender, non-binary, intersex, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and gender-questioning people struggling with an eating disorder, and those who care for them.    

    Follow FEDUP on Facebook or Instagram for details about live support groups taking place each month.   

    FEDUP also runs the following peer support groups on Facebook:

    FEDUP Support Group:  a closed group for gender-diverse folx 
    QTBIPOC Eating Disorder Support Group: a closed group for queer and trans Black, Indigenous, and people of color (QTBIPOC) 
    Support Group for Caregivers & Loved Ones of Trans & Intersex People with Eating Disorders:  a closed group for those supporting a trans+ and/or intersex person 

    Learn more about FEDUP

    Alberta Wellness Centre for Eating Disorders


    Helping Friends and Family Understand Eating Disorders: Holiday Edition

    This 2-hour workshop will provide friends and extended family with the tools to become educated and supportive allies. It is open to anyone in Canada or the United States who cares about someone with an eating disorder but isn't sure how to help, what to say or what to do. It will provide a safe place for them to ask questions, without perpetuating stigma and shame.  

    The workshop will take place on Zoom.

    Date:   Sunday December 18, 2022

    Time:  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. MST

    Facilitator:  Sue Huff,  peer supporter and caregiver coach

    Fee:  $25 per person (or device that is used to access the workshop); additional supporters from the same family using separate devices may register for $15 
    For more information or to register:


    Telephone:  780-999-7062

    Men's Group: 

    for dads, spouses, boyfriends, roommates, coaches, co-workers, friends (anyone who identifies as a man and has someone in their life who has an eating disorder

    You are a vital part of the recovery team, but perhaps you feel like you are on the outside looking in and you aren't sure how to help. This 2-hour workshop will give you important information and skills so you can feel better prepared to communicate with and support your loved one. There will be 1½ hours of information and 30 minutes for questions and answers.

    Workshops will take place the third Thursday of every month on Zoom.

    Time:  6:30 - 8:30 p.m. MST

    Facilitator:  Sue Huff,  caregiver mentor/educator/coach

    Fee:  $40 + GST per person 

    Group size:  Maximum 12 people, minimum 4 people

    For more information or to register:


    Telephone:  780-999-7062

    Alberta Wellness Centre for Eating Disorders
  • Canadian Nutrition Society


    Advances in Nutrition Research and Practice: From Identification to Treatment of Disordered Eating Behaviours

    Registration is open — early bird rates in effect until December 23, 2022

    In-person Toronto, ON (on-site) and virtual (livestream) registration options available

    Date:  Saturday January 28, 2023

    Time:  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

    Location:  Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

    This one-day conference has been designed with a goal to increase understanding and capacity of attendees who are challenged in providing needed care to individuals exhibiting disordered eating behaviours, or with diagnosed eating disorders.  

    Find out more and register here



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