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Let's Talk About Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders in the West Asian and North African (Middle Eastern) Communities

Note: The term “Middle Eastern” is a British colonial invention from the 1850s. Using the title “West Asian and North African” locates the region in the continent and acts as a form of decolonization.

Historically, clinicians and researchers thought that eating disorders only affected white, middle/upper-class girls and women. We know that they actually had a very limited understanding; there is a lot of evidence that proves that individuals of diverse backgrounds, including West Asian and North African, experience eating disorders and disordered eating. And, everyone in Canada deserves access to culturally-sensitive information about signs, symptoms, potential causes, and getting help.

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Consultant-content writer:  Alexandra Hanania

Consultant-reviewer:  Cristel Moubarak

Reviewers:  Dina Buttu

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