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Let's Talk About Culturally-Sensitive Eating Disorder Care

Supporting the Healing of Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Clients

Eating disorders (EDs) are highly complex mental health conditions – they can even mystify seasoned clinicians and it is no wonder then that many healthcare providers find it extremely challenging to address them effectively. 

Many of us who are health care providers received minimal exposure to EDs in our educational and practical training programs. Similarly, many of us received little education about racism and how it influences people’s health risks and outcomes, and scant training in cultural humility and how to provide culturally-sensitive care to Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Colour (BIPOC).

The intent of this resource is to serve as a starting point from which healthcare providers can develop their understanding of EDs among BIPOC community members and of practices they can adopt to support the healing of BIPOC clients who are struggling with an ED.    

Download the full resource here.

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