Researcher Introduction

This research project explores how healthcare providers describe and communicate about eating disorder recovery with their patients/clients. This research is being conducted at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand. It is led by Dr. Andrea LaMarre, a lecturer in the School of Psychology. Student researchers will be involved in the project, under the guidance of Dr. LaMarre. 

Project Description and Invitation

Despite growing interest in determining how best to define and measure eating disorder recovery, little is known about how recovery is understood by healthcare providers (broadly defined) and, perhaps more importantly, how this understanding of recovery is communicated to those in the healthcare provider’s care. The way that healthcare providers talk about recovery may have an impact on patient/client care and therapeutic relationships, as well as the extent to which people perceive recovery to be possible. In this study, we aim to better understand the impact of training and experiences in determining how healthcare providers describe recovery.

As a valued member of the eating disorders field, we invite you to participate in this study. 

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