Sleep Disturbance in Women with Eating Disorders

Sleep disturbance is a common, yet often overlooked, concern among individuals with eating disorder symptoms. A research team at the University of Alberta is seeking female participants to complete an online questionnaire to help understand and develop a treatment for sleep problems in eating disorder populations.  

We are currently seeking female participants who are: 

  • Aged 18-50 years old
  • Not pregnant
  • Currently experiencing sleep disturbance and eating disorder symptoms

Participation involves: 

  • Online survey about thoughts and behaviours related to eating and sleeping which is expected to take 30-40 minutes to complete (but you can take as long as you want)
  • Draw entry for 1 of 5 prepaid $50 VISA cards

Results will be used to inform the development of a behaviourally-based sleep-intervention tailored specifically to eating disorder populations and will help advance the treatment of eating disorders. 

To learn more, please visit: @sleepbetter.ed.research or  

This study has been approved by the Research and Ethics Board at the University of Alberta. If you have questions or comments about this research, please contact the primary researcher, Ellen Klaver, at