Treatment of Comorbid Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders: Care Provider Experiences and Recommendations

Are you a healthcare provider in Canada who has worked with patients with eating disorders and/or substance use disorders?  

Researchers in the Maritime Eating & Appearance Lab the University of New Brunswick are carrying out a study to examine healthcare provider experiences and perspectives regarding the implementation of integrated treatment for comorbid eating and substance use disorders.

Eating disorders and substance use disorders frequently co-occur, and have the highest mortality rates of any mental disorders. However, despite repeated calls for the development of integrated treatments, care options for this population remain severely limited. To inform the development of integrated treatment options that work in real-world practice settings, we need your help! 

The research team is looking for healthcare providers from a range of professional backgrounds who are currently practising in Canada and who have experience working with one or both of these groups. 

Participation is quick and easy. Here you will find an online survey that we expect to take 10-20 minutes. As part of it, you will also have the option to opt in to be considered for focus groups that will be conducted over video call at a later date. Those chosen to participate in a focus group will be compensated for their time, with a $25 donation going to one of the select charities of your choosing. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to the team at with "provider study" in the subject line. 

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